davidd (davidd) wrote,

Nike+ Observations

A disappointing problem with the Nike+ system is that the device is not consistent when measuring distance. I run the same route every day. I measured the route quite precisely using my bicycle odometer: it is a shade longer than 6.2 miles, enough to ensure a 10 kilometer route. The Nike+ system, which is based on an accelerometer which fits in the runner's shoe, clocks this route at anywhere from 5.9 to 6.5 miles.

I suppose that makes the system about 90% accurate, and for a non-competitive slug like me perhaps absolute accuracy is not essential. Still, today I was disappointed when the Nike+ announced the end of my run was 5.99 miles in a time of 1:02, with an average mile pace of 10:29. In reality, at 1:02 for 6.2 miles I achieved very close to a ten-minute mile average pace, which is my current goal.

From what I have observed, the Nike+ records distances as being shorter when the running pace is consistent, and longer when the pace varies throughout the workout.

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