davidd (davidd) wrote,

Trippin' with Trippy

I shall stop agonizing over politics now, and return to agonizing over whether to lug the 200mm Canon lens along on the trip to the Grand Canyon. It's a nice lens, but I scarcely used it in Alaska. Most of the southwest photos I've looked at on Flickr were taken with wide-angle rather than long lenses.

Still... what if I spot a jackalope?

Other debate over what to take: tablets, notebooks, and pens. I usually take too many, thinking I will write and draw and all that fun stuff, and then I never do. I often take a letter-size lined pad for writing letters, a 9x12 Mead drawing pad, and several pencils and several pens. This time I'm thinking a couple of kraft-paper pocket cahiers, and maybe a pocket-size sketchbook, two pencils, and two pens.

I'm pretty sure at this point that I will not be taking the laptop computer. More than the usual grumpiness may ensue.

How about books? I usually end up trying to sleep rather than reading on the airplane flights. I shall probably take two, altho' since one of the contenders is a big, clunky library book, this may change.

I shall have to actually, like, pack tomorrow. But tonight, I can wallow in indecision.

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