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Trippin' with Trippy

I shall stop agonizing over politics now, and return to agonizing over whether to lug the 200mm Canon lens along on the trip to the Grand Canyon. It's a nice lens, but I scarcely used it in Alaska. Most of the southwest photos I've looked at on Flickr were taken with wide-angle rather than long lenses.

Still... what if I spot a jackalope?

Other debate over what to take: tablets, notebooks, and pens. I usually take too many, thinking I will write and draw and all that fun stuff, and then I never do. I often take a letter-size lined pad for writing letters, a 9x12 Mead drawing pad, and several pencils and several pens. This time I'm thinking a couple of kraft-paper pocket cahiers, and maybe a pocket-size sketchbook, two pencils, and two pens.

I'm pretty sure at this point that I will not be taking the laptop computer. More than the usual grumpiness may ensue.

How about books? I usually end up trying to sleep rather than reading on the airplane flights. I shall probably take two, altho' since one of the contenders is a big, clunky library book, this may change.

I shall have to actually, like, pack tomorrow. But tonight, I can wallow in indecision.


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Oct. 2nd, 2008 04:21 pm (UTC)
Take the lens. The argument that most people take waide-angle pics there clinches it, you are a good photographer, picture just like everyone else is nothing for you.

For a trip like that an Asus EeePC or an Acer One or another of those ultra portables are just the job. They are small and light enough for carying around, perfect for some browsing and down/uploading your pictures but not good for losing hours on. Perfect travel copanion.

I never took books along when traveling. I tended to go to civilised places. Places where yu can buy toothpaste or socks if you run out. Placed where you can buy books. So I never took books along but I always returned with books ^_^

Edited at 2008-10-02 08:22 pm (UTC)
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