davidd (davidd) wrote,

Who LIves In a Pineapple Under the Sea?

This afternoon at werk a teacher from the room next to mine suddenly burst through the door, asking, with desperation in her voice, "quick, I need something 'SpongeBob Squarepants! [Autistic kid] is out of control!"

"I... think I took most of my SpongeBob stuff home," I said. "He likes SpongeBob?"

"Yes! Yes! Do you have anything?!"

I quickly found the set of drawings on posterboard I put together last year out of desperation when I couldn't get the kids to pay attention to the cellular biology lessons. "Here, try these," I offered.

I followed her back to her room to see what would happen.

"Here you go, [Autistic Kid]," she said quietly. "Who is this?"

"SpongeBob!" he exclaimed in delight! "Patrick! Squidward!"

SpongeBob to the rescue!

Y'know that saying, "kids are like sponges?" What they really mean is, "kids like sponges!"

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