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This is, like, so exciting! I mean, stuff like this still brings up those elementary school memories of being the last one picked for a team in Phys Ed class... or more accurately, being the one some unfortunate team was forced to accept. So to actually be selected is... is... gawrsh!!

Anyway, the instructions sez:

People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs & replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves. Tag 8 people to do this quiz.

1. What are your nicknames? On-line: davidd or puuikibeach. IRL: David or, sometimes, Dave; at werk, Mister D.

2. What do you do before bedtime? You're lookin' at it.

3. What fandom(s) are you most into at the moment? Pinky:st, Trippy the Traveling Lizard, and, still and always, the Zannah-Nariverse.

4. Favorite scent? A rich, malty oatmeal stout! Or a stormy sea on a rainy day.

5. What skill are you developing right now? There are a number of skills I wish I were developing, but the only one I'm consistently practising is procrastination.

6. What do you eat the most? Most frequently, or most quantitatively at a single setting? I'd have to say drink rather than eat, and the response would be Coca Cola!

7. Do you trust easily? No.

8. What was your first big fandom? Star Trek. Yeah, like that's really original.

9. Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days? Missing Comic-con and missing La Tomatina.

10. Do you have a good body-image? No.

11. Is being tagged fun? OMG! IT'S SQUEE-A-LICIOUS! RAWWWRRRR!!!!11!!

12. What websites do you visit daily? Plurk, LiveJournal, Flickr.

13. Who are currently the most important people to you? Immediate household members, parental units, and "immediate circle" of Internet Frendz. (Yeah, I'm pathetic, I know.)

14. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is? Highly intelligent, with a complex personality comprised of diverse and seemingly incongruous elements. Infectiously enthusiastic with a true zest for and joy in living. Oh, and, funny as h*ll!

15. What’s the last song that got stuck in your head? I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy! A Yankee Doodle do or die! A real live nephew of my Uncle Sam, born on the fourth of July!

16. What’s your favorite item of clothing? Willis & Geiger bearer shirt, red.

17. What's better, to give or to receive: Depends on what's being given or received.

18. What turns you on? Were I feeling sufficiently ambitious or inspired to actually change one of these questions, this is the one I'd change, I think. Were I feeling sufficiently bold or witty to offer a bold or witty response, it might be something along the lines of, "why don't you come over, and we'll explore this question together in greater depth?

19. What would you like to achieve within the next 3 years? Make tons of money, or at least enough to live comfortably and travel regularly, while doing something I really enjoy, and basically have most of my time free to slack off and do stuff other than work.

20. What should you be doing right now? Uhm... figuring out how to achieve #19 above? Or watching the last half of Funky Forest: First Contact. (I started it two weeks ago, haven't had a chance to finish it!)

>21. Do you always use conditioner when washing your hair? I mix all the old containers with little bits of shampoo and conditioner together every so often to create a one-of-a-kind custom compound to keep my hair silky and manageable.

Now what? I'm supposed to "tag" eight people? I don't know if I even have eight mutual LJ friends. I certainly wouldn't want to impose on those few that I have. I'm saving those favors in case I need to rustle up some quick cash one day.

So if anyone reads this, and feels like playing along, then yay! Play along!

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