davidd (davidd) wrote,

It's not a perfect analogy

Finally watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Laughed twice, at the lines "it's not a perfect analogy," and "oh, look at my wrist." Chuckled maybe a couple of other times, don't remember specifically at what. Prob'ly at the line in Hammer's song about being a hero "if you're not a 'tard."

Dr. Horrible's goggles: they look like the exact style of plastic welding goggles we used back in our ghostbusting days. Doc Horrible's have been spray painted a metallic color. You can almost make out a glimpse of my goggles in this photo, clipped to the uniform just under the left elbow.

Y'know, if anyone other than Joss Whedon had made this film, I seriously doubt it would have merited even a blip on the pop-cultural radar. For some reason people dig this dude's stuff.

Me, I live this dude's stuff. I am Dr. Horrible! Only, I never built a freeze ray or got inducted into the Empire of Evil or whatever it's called. And I don't have cute groupies clamoring for my... autograph. Or anything else that groupies clamor for.

I saw a clip of an interview with Whedon somewhere. He was evasive about the cost of this production, vaguely offering that it was "low-budget," in the "low six-figures."

I dunno... a hundred grand, or two-hundred, or... well, I'd like to think that I, or you, or practically anyone (who isn't a total 'tard) could do equally well if someone handed us that kind of money and told us to make a film.

But maybe not.

I liked Horrible's lab coat. I want one like that.

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