davidd (davidd) wrote,


So what's the deal with eBay?

I just closed my first auctions in several months. Okay, granted, I was trying to pawn off common junk. (Except the Ren & Stimpy Magnetic Target Game. That was uncommon junk. It also didn't merit a single bid.) So I wasn't expecting to exactly rake in the big bux.

But still.... why is it, whenever I'm SELLING, stuff goes cheap? Whenever I'm BUYING, stuff goes high?

I guess I just have my finger on the commercial pulse of the masses. That is, I know what people want, 'cuz it's the same thing I want. If I don't want it (ie, I'm selling it), nobody else wants it either.

So if I want to make some money, I guess I'll have to sell the stuff I don't want to sell. And keep the junk.

I'll have to think about that some more. (But I'm not keeping the junk: Ren & Stimpy go in the GoodWill box!)

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