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Office vs iWork

I cannot find my MS Office for Mac discs. Shall I use this as an opportunity, or excuse, to switch to iWork, thus replacing PowerPoint and Word with Pages and Keynote?

Has anyone here worked with both? Are files as seamlessly compatible as the Apple website suggests? I was finally starting to get the hang of PowerPoint, do I really want to start over with another application? All the computers at werk use Office, so do I want to hassle with incompatible word processing files? Reviews of iWork, even on the Apple web site, are mixed, with compatibility issues and the lack of certain features (like typing equations) being the leading causes for concern.

I know that Dr. Steve (aka molecularman49) has been switching to all Mac-based software, and last I heard he was happy with it. But, Dr. Steve is a pretty smart guy, he can figure things out quickly. Me, I have wide gaps between neurons or something, those synapses don't snap as quickly as they should.

The mccloudtour used Keynote for their presentations with impressive results.

Perhaps I should download the 30-day trial of iWork and keep looking for Office. Or, as there's a new version of Office available, maybe I should get that... heck, maybe I should just get both! It's only money, right?

P.S.: additional question. A remote control for operating PowerPoint et. al. presentations on the Mac PowerBook -- would this be an actual Apple device, or an aftermarket gadget? I'm having difficulty finding an answer on the internet... prolly 'cuz I'm hungry and tired.


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Jun. 17th, 2008 04:57 pm (UTC)
You should start with iWork and lean how to use it. The moment you decide to actually use iWork for real your Office disks will come out of the closet. ^_^

A remote control for PowerPoint? The best are made by Smith&Wesson, or you could go for Belgian quality with an FN (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FN_Five-seveN).
Your Powerpoint will not miss inpact.
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