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Don't It Just Figure....

Yesterday I went on a bit of a spending spree, ordering a Nike+ unit to track my running. Yes, that would be the running I haven't been doing lately. Of course, using a Nike+ system requires an iPod Nano, unless you choose to use the new Nike Sportband. I, of course, selected the more expensive iPod option.

Since I don't use Official Nike Shoes with the built-in Nike+ pocket, I also needed an aftermarket sensor holder to attach to my shoes. A strap or carrying case for the iPod is also advantageous when running. Finally, the standard iPod headphones or earbuds are noted for not staying in place while exercising, so after considerable on-line research, I selected a comparatively inexpensive set of sport-compatible headphones (~$20.00), and a set of extra foam caps for the headphones.

I ordered the iPod from the Apple web site. Apple is offering free shipping, so the cost directly from Apple was comparable with the several other sites I checked. The other items I ordered from Amazon. The price of the Nike+ is about the same everywhere, but by ordering it through Amazon rather than Apple I qualified for free shipping on most of the Amazon items.

Today emails have been trickling in indicating the status of my orders. The first item to ship, separately, was the foam caps for the headphones. The item for which I will have the least immediate use will doubtless be the first to arrive. This was followed, according to a separate message, by the iPod strap, which will be of limited applicability until the iPod arrives. Late this afternoon I received an email saying the iPod has shipped.

Still no word on the headphones, nor on the item that is actually the point of this whole purchase, the Nike+ system.

My running shoes are on the verge of wearing out, at least for comfortable running. The soles still appear to be in reasonably good shape, but the back edge of the heel pocket is pretty much shredded, and now causes uncomfortable chafing. You'd think a pair of ninety dollar shoes would last for more than 100 short jogs. Apparently that is not the case. Some sources suggest replacing running shoes every 350 to 550 miles. If I have run 140 times (which I have) at an average distance of 4 to 5 miles (which I probably have: I started with 3 miles, and now do 6), that puts me just past the top end of this recommendation. I was not overly keen on shelling out more money for running shoes, particularly as how I have yet to see any signs of the "benefits" running supposedly provides. Nevertheless, as part of my Fitness Investment I ordered two additional pairs of my current shoes, or at least, of the latest incarnation of my current shoes, now called the Adidas SuperNova Cushion 7. I received notification that the new shoes have shipped.

I still have a nearly new pair of athletic shoes, the Adidas SuperNova Trail model; these I use for cycling, as the deep tread grips the pedals of the bicycle well, and for hiking, as the harder sole provides good protection from sharp rocks when hiking in old lava field zones and along shorelines. I decided to reserve these shoes for hiking and biking rather than using them for running.

Having started running in October 2006, which sounds like a long time ago now, I feel pathetic for having hit the pavement only 150 times. I might try to coax another 50 treks out of my current shoes before relegating them to yard-work status.


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Jun. 14th, 2008 04:00 pm (UTC)
I typically wear out the inner sole of running shoes. I normaly buy cheap shoes (10~20€) these days cause I haven't found a relation in wearing out to the price.

I started running a good 16, 17 years ago. And I don't see much improvement in my running capacity. No real benifits. But they are there. All those years I have been running I have been working as a programmer. I sit in front of a screen for between 10 and 16 hours a day, 5 days a week. Running once a week doesn't make me athlethic but it keeps me fit.

So see should see your equipment spending as a long term investment.
Jun. 15th, 2008 10:19 pm (UTC)
I was curious, where did you order your Adidas from? Amazon as well? Or somewhere else? (Endless.com, Amazon.com's lovechild?)

I think I started running about the same time as you, and I have logged about 40 runs less. So don't feel bad! It could be worse! :D
Jun. 16th, 2008 12:56 am (UTC)
I purchased the shoes at shopadidas.com. It's not always the rock-bottom lowest price, but the selection is good, the item descriptions are clear, and the service is dependable.

Now that I think about it, I should have ordered from zappos.com because they offer free shipping (both ways, if you need to return an item), and they also offer a great selection and complete, informative item descriptions.

I had a brief discussion about running shoes with a co-werker last week. He strongly recommends New Balance. I have not tried New Balance running shoes, but when I worked at the post office, many of the postal carriers preferred New Balance walking shoes over any other brand.
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