davidd (davidd) wrote,

Stress? Why?

I had two peculiar dreams last night. Not particularly interesting dreams, but rather, the kind of dreams that leave me wondering what it is that's bothering me.

Dream Number One I have variations on frequently. I dream that the sea is undermining the house, and that I'm scrambling around trying to salvage what I can before the whole thing falls into the ocean. Each wave that hits the beach scoops more sand out from beneath the house. Usually in these dreams the house (which is much larger in Dream World than in real life) is undercut, and often the deck (which doesn't really exist) begins to drop away, but the house doesn't actually fall. Last night the house slipped down the bank and was destroyed.

In Dream Number Two I had a lengthy term paper due for a class. Apparently my entire degree depended on this paper, so it must have been some kind of thesis or something. In the dream I ran into a professor who reminded me that the due date was 5:00 p.m. that day. I was startled, because I had allowed the date to creep up on me, and while I was largely done with the paper, I needed to type up a few remaining pages. I figured I could finish the three remaining pages in time. Then, however, I began to notice additional corrections I needed to make. I had neglected to put headings on the last few sections of the paper. The bibliography was incomplete and formatted incorrectly. And for some reason, I had to finish it up on a manual typewriter -- one typo meant re-typing the entire page. (Apparently correction fluid was not available in this particular Dreamscape.) I awoke at the point where I had 45-minutes both to finish typing and to run across campus to submit the completed paper.

I suspect the Term Paper dream is inspired by my back steps rebuild, which is dragging on endlessly. Each aspect of the project seems to have an infinite number of sub-aspects which need to be completed. Further, I'm working in many cases without the optimum tools for the task, which slows the project down, much like the manual typewriter in the dream. I had set myself a deadline to complete the steps this week. Today is Friday, and they're not done. (I legitimately could not work on it yesterday because I was substitute teaching in the morning, and torrential rains drenched my work area continually all afternoon.)

The collapsing house was partly triggered by loud surf last night; I think it may also have been psychic fallout from my Nike+/iPod purchase on-line. I'm always talking about clearing out and saving money, but instead I do the opposite, buying more and spending more. I'm not sure if this is the entire explanation. Something must have me "on edge."

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