davidd (davidd) wrote,

Dream Time

Over at Plurk, to which most of my on-line contacts have gravitated, one of our friends mentioned a dream from last night which involved attempting to graft the head of a lobster onto a sea slug. That is so James P. Blaylock! It's like a perverse vivisection experiment his character Dr. Ignacio Narbondo might undertake!

And it has great "B" movie potential. Or, it would if this were 1958 rather than 2008.

As for me, I dreamed that I was looking on eBay to find the best volume discount on miniature laser pointers shaped like the Starship Enterprise. I don't know if anyone actually makes laser pointers modeled after the USS Enterprise, where the laser beam is emitted from the lower part of the saucer section like a phaser, but they really should! I would buy one! It's really a brilliant (ha!) idea, don't you agree?

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