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Not done yet

I had some kind of clever post in mind, but it's getting late, I'm tired, and I cannot remember what it was.

The porch project is not yet done. It's coming along, but at this point I shall forego making predictions as to a completion time or date.

While driving to Home Despot this morning I thought of at least half a dozen interesting topics about which to blog. Seriously, they would have been interesting, or at least more interesting than whining about building porch steps. In fact, the bloglettes kind of composed themselves. I was wishing I had some way to type while driving; that is, a fast, reasonably safe way to type while driving. I suppose I could "audio blog" while driving, but for a number of reasons I think I'll pass on that option.

No writing today, however (other than what you're reading right here). Hammers, nails, electric drills, saws... yup.

As I said: not done yet.


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Jun. 10th, 2008 03:37 pm (UTC)
Audio-blogging is the idea. Even though you end up not posting the actual audio but typing out the talked out ideas.

I used a dictaphoon while studying. I used to read up on a chapter, let it sink in and the 'teach' it to a virtual audience. I taped the explanation and somewhat later played it off again, often interrupting with corrections as if the dictaphone was another person making mistakes.
For me that was a very successful though time-consuming study method.
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