davidd (davidd) wrote,

Lazy Hazy Crazy

Today is the first day of summer break. I have a number of projects (okay, most of these summer goals are not worthy of the term "projects," but it sounds more impressive that way) I would like to undertake over the next six weeks.

I have postponed re-setting up my laptop computer since the hard drive replacement, so I must do that.

I need to repair or replace sections of the steps to the main door (before somebody falls through them) and part of the deck. I shall tackle at least a part of that today.

These are all I am going to list right now, as they are both concrete and achievable. An additional goal is to make a list of the goals/projects I want to do.

Plurk has the potential to become a major distraction. An extreme effort of will shall be required to resist the allure. Unless I can figure out a way to monitor Plurk while ripping apart deck planking out in the alternating hot sun/rain.

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