davidd (davidd) wrote,

Legacy of a Nobel Laureate

Al Gore's "carbon credits" scheme in action.

Yes, even this BBC News article refers to it as a "scheme."

It's just another way for entrenched industry to buy their way out of making real changes, and for clever entrepreneurs working through third-world countries to get money for nothing.

I'd be interested in seeing an investigation tracking the ties between the "developing" industries selling the carbon credits and the existing industries buying the credits. How likely is it, do you suppose, that somewhere at the top of the ladder (or at the bottom of the barrel, depending on how you look at it) the same fingers are meddling in both pies? Pass the cash from one hand to the other and take your cut out somewhere in the middle.

"Scheme" is a mispronunciation. "Scam" is more to the point.

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