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Apple Time Capsule

Does anyone here have any experience with Apple Time Capsule? The concept seems cool, but some of the reviews on Amazon are lukewarm.

What is the functional lifespan of something like a wireless hard drive?

How do you protect the data on an external drive against drive failure?

Can you imagine what losing a t-byte of data would be like?


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May. 25th, 2008 07:36 am (UTC)
I am not sure the Apple Time Capsule is the best. It depends on what price you have to pay and what you already have. For me it would be cheaper to just pop an extra drive on the existing network and use that.

The functional lifespan of a drive is variable. Typical portable drives wear out faster than fixed drives. Turning on and off the system twenty times a day (not actually uncommon with a notebook) adds extra wear.
On my last count we had well over 400 drives in the server-room. And we have a drive-failure once or twice a week. 70 broken drives a year sounds terrible but statistically it means they run 35.000 hours before failing. (In the AS400, the old, development, system we have 16 drives and no failure ever, the box is just over five years old and it has been turned off only two or three times.) Failed drives are no problem cause we have (almost) all of them in Raid setups. Just pull out the failed drive, put a new one in and let the system rebuild and balance out the data again. Raid has been used in corporate settings for years but for the last couple of years it has found it's way into the home market, lots of network-storage (aka SAN) devices use it.
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