davidd (davidd) wrote,


Retrieved the Powerbook today. It is, indeed, equipped with Leopard. And my data, other than what little I have on an external drive, is, indeed, gone.

I will need to set up everything! This means, like, re-install Firefox for starters, and figure out how to reconfigure an email client. It's been a while since I've done that. About all I remember is that it was a pain. I suppose it will be the same as configuring a brand new machine. I don't have a manual or anything for Leopard. I wonder if I can download a quick-start guide or something.

I have lost all my email addresses. That is very discouraging.

The new OS includes Time Machine. I will definitely be using it. Definitely.

I guess I'll have a fun, indoor, sedentary pursuit to keep me occupied this holiday weekend.

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