davidd (davidd) wrote,

"... like a really bad acid trip."

I got my car back from the shop today.

And I ran across this amusing review of the 2002 Chrysler Series One Dream Cruiser while researching a an automotive-related concern.

I particularly liked this observation: "The color scheme is cheerful — perhaps a bit too cheerful; some editors felt that it bore an ambience that was more akin to a daycare center than a limited-edition car for an adult."

That's precisely why this car so well suits me, I guess!

The remainder of the piece delineates the vehicle in similarly sardonic terms.

In unrelated news: Bee Season is here! The Scripps National Spelling Bee fast approaches! TheFreeDictionary.com has a neat little on-line spelling bee game to hone your mad spelling skillz, plus a Hangman game. No "Wheel of Fortune," though.

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