davidd (davidd) wrote,

Pelycosaurs Revisited

Inspired by pastilla's eighty-six bags of rubbish purged from home and garden, and by the photos of the enormous dumpster she's employed to remove the refuse, I geared myself to face the onerous Room of Doom today.

I didn't get far.

It's not that I lost my resolve. Not completely, anyway. Rather, I was distracted by the Dimetrodons.

Some time back, I created a plaster of paris model of a volcano, meant to represent Japan's Fujiyama, as a sample project during my days of student teaching. After bringing the model home, a rather fearsome Dimetrodon took up residence on the mountain; later a second synapsid joined the predatory pack.

Over time, buried in The Room of Doom, Mt. Fuji has become somewhat shopworn. Encountering the miniature mountain today, I was surprised to discover not two, but five Dimetrodons dwelling on Fujiyama's snowy slopes. As I rummage through boxes, I occasionally find a stray dinosaur roaming about. The Dimetrodons I toss in the general direction of Mt. Fuji. I had no idea the population had grown to such a substantial herd!

There's also a small Plesiosaur among the Fujiyama fauna. I would imagine the species has survived in a heated pool hidden in the fog-shrouded caldera atop the towering spire.

Anyway, with such a sizable population to support, Mt. Fuji warranted repair; I spent part of the afternoon re-plastering the slopes of the volcano. In order to finish, I need to find the appropriately colored paints, which remain buried, somewhere... in there!

The upshot of all this is that playing with plaster and toy dinosaurs like a grade school kid got my mind off being all depressed over stuff that happened back in junior high.

Of course, if I had managed to outgrow this kind of stuff back when I was in junior high, I might have been able to report significantly different memories about that cute girl I had such a crush on back then.

Too late now! And pretty much any opportunities I stood to lose by remaining an immature little punk were lost a long time ago.

So... yay for Dimetrodons!

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