davidd (davidd) wrote,

Thick As a Brick

Considering my recent employment-angst, I found it appropriate that, as I drove home today, the Pink Floyd song, The Wall - Pt. II came on the radio. "We don't need no education...." I've long interpreted that song differently than do most people.

The Wall - Pt. II is usually characterized as an anthem of sorts against pedantic, authoritarian teaching methods. I see it, rather, as an indictment of lazy, ignorant students. "We don't need no education," cry the grammatically-deficient hooligans. "Hey, Teacher! Leave them kids alone!" Rather than an indictment of the educational system, the song is a jab at the self-righteous ignorance of the young, and the "walls" they create, the limitations they impose upon themselves, by refusing to put forth the effort necessary to become educated. The song is a satire, not of the school system, but of stupid kids! Kids who protest the "dark sarcasm in the classroom" because they fear and despise what they do not understand. In my limited experience, smart kids love dark sarcasm in the classroom, and respond enthusiastically to it.

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