davidd (davidd) wrote,

There But For the Grace....

I had a few parcels to mail out today. Duuuhhh... I totally forgot it was Income Tax Day! I left work too late to make it to my usual small-town post office, so I pulled into the P.O. near work. The line was out the door. I guess my parcels won't be in the mail until at least tomorrow... which is actually the real Income Tax Day... so that means probably Wednesday instead.

I just don't get these people lined up at the post office. I mean, you take a big envelope, you put all your tax papers (and your check) inside, and you stick on three or four stamps.

But... what if it doesn't need three stamps?!

Then... SO WHAT?!! Is it really worth standing in line for an hour to save forty cents? Looking at that line at the post office and seeing all those morons standing there for an hour agonizing over the cost of a stamp or two helped me realize that, pathetic as I am, there are those who have even less of a life than do I.

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