davidd (davidd) wrote,

Late Spate

In case you're wondering about the spate of posts tonight... I'm procrastinating. I have some stuff I pretty much absolutely have to get done for work tomorrow... and on which, 'natch, I've barely started. I dislike bringing work home because I'm usually too tired (and/or annoyed) to actually, like, work on work stuff.

Plus, I haven't really updated much since before leaving for Boston over a week ago. A blessed silence to some that may in fact have been, altho' I suspect by and large nobody noticed. Nevertheless, all this nonsense percolating in my psyche demands an outlet. Work stuff hardly constitutes an outlet. It's more like a bottleneck, a stopper, a plug.

I have a fall-back plan. Feeble, it is, to be sure, but it might work, and should only require about half an hour of prep, which if I get to bed in the next half hour, I can then be rested and fresh enough in the morning to pull off.

I really need to stop putting things off like this. It's... stressful.

I just remembered one additional thing I wanted to get done tonight. It's not due until Wednesday, so there's always tomorrow night. Then there's another absolutely-must-get-done project (kind of a big one, and kind of a serious one) due by Thursday. This week is kind of sucktastic* as far as non-push-backable due dates go. Once this week is over, things should mellow out a bit.

Okay, one more non-productive post to write... okay, maybe two... then I'm off to... sleep!

*Thanx to narilka for that keen new vocabulary word!

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