davidd (davidd) wrote,

The Right Tools for the Job

"Laughed so hard at this wallet. You are a teacher, so you you must travel like one!"

When he arrived, Trippy brought along a clever little "organizer" as a "teacherly" gift. It reminded me of the kind of thing my mother, who's a bit OCD when it comes to organizing, would have sent me.

To my endless amusement, we were presented with an almost identical organizer upon our arrival at the NSTA conference in Boston. Most of the attendees were absolutely delighted. I overheard a number of conversations in which the topic of discussion was the many convenient features of the nylon nametag bag thing.

After attending a conference with 14,900 educators from across the country, from grades K through college, I have concluded that most stereotypes about teachers are true about most teachers.

(Does that mean I'm now one of these Pod People? Perhaps everyone at the conference was secretly smuggling a recalcitrant plastic lizard around the exhibit hall!)
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