davidd (davidd) wrote,

Win Ben Stein's Immortal Soul

I really want to see Ben Stein's new movie, Expelled... because I rather enjoy manipulative, heavy-handed propaganda films.

The sorry fact is that I learned about this film in a borderline-hysterical email from the National Science Teacher's Association, complete with links to "Learn More About NSTA's Evolution Resources". This reaction on the part of the NSTA to a supposedly baseless film which has yet to be released and which is hosted and co-written by a TV actor best known for his monotonous intonations about "dry eyes, red eyes" in patent medicine commercials actually lends credibility to Ben's premise that the scientific community actively seeks to suppress Intelligent Design proponents.

I mean, c'mon, NSTA, get real! The guy is a game show host! And not a particularly big-time game show host. Now, if Monty Hall (noted in the scientific community for the mathematical conundrum bearing his name) or Gene Rayburn (who is, unfortunately, deceased) were the power behind this thing, you might have something to worry about!

There's a(n) (anti-) Intelligent Design presentation offered at the upcoming NSTA conference which I would love to attend... in order to see the fisticuffs which might result! Alas, the time conflicts with one of the "mandatory" events in which I must participate. It will probably be fairly tame anyway -- "preaching to the converted," as it were -- as I'm sure the Creationist Contingent will steer clear of such heresy.

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