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Version 7.0

I am annoyed!

(Like, you're surprised??)

I see in a catalog today: Photoshop 7.0 has been released.

I just got 6.0! Haven't even really had a chance to play with it yet. In fact, I ordered a couple of tutorial books so I could learn it. The books haven't even ARRIVED yet!! And now there's a NEW STINKIN' VERSION out!

I HATE software companies. I Hate Hate Hate them!

Okay, that's a bit extreme. Even though, back when I first got the new computer, a BIG new OS update occurred within TWO WEEKS!! No, not a simple "download the update" kind of update; a full-on "buy the new disc and install it" kind of update! And this was before OS-X.

And I am not even remotely ready to start messing with OS-X yet.

( I just had to upgrade to 9.2 in order to upgrade to iTunes 2, just in case I fall victim to wanton avarice and acquire an iPod. And 9.2 is just fine and dandy--and almost everything is back to working normally now).

Photoshop 7.0. So is it really any different than 6.0? Is it merely optimized for OS-X, or does it have cool new "must-have" stuff that'll work on OS 9?

Who cares? (Well, I do, obviously, but don't tell anybody!) I'm gonna just be happy with 6, and study my tutorials like a good student when they arrive, so I can build cool icons for LJ. And I'll be content.... and then sell more stuff on eBay so I can afford the upgrade to 7.0

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