davidd (davidd) wrote,

End of an Era

I just tossed my iMac in the dumpster.

The iMac... on which I met Zannah! And Nari! And through them, pretty much all the rest of you!

The iMac that was my real introduction to the amazing world of the internet.

It's an iMac DV+ 400mhz. 40 gb hard drive. It cost plenty when it was new. Plenty more, 'cos I upgraded it to a gig internal memory. It still works.

But, I think maybe I've turned it on once in the last two years. Performance-wise, my PowerBook blows it away. Even though the iMac will run OSX (up to 10.2, I think), it just seems kind of sluggish by comparison.

And it takes up a lot of space. I have a big "rant" post in the works, with photos of the Room of Doom. The Room of Doom is driving me mad with clutter. I need space, not stuff.

iMacs don't sell on eBay anymore. I thought about taking it to school, but there's no room there either, and what's the point of having yet another operating system in the classroom? People used to talk about "donating" used computers. In reality, nobody wants outdated computers. The schools are tossing iMacs by the cartload.

I could have built an iMac aquarium, I suppose. Or tried a "steampunk" retro-future case mod. But there you go, the "space" thing again. The computer would just sit in a box, taking up space, until I never get around to making an aquarium. In other words, forever.

So I put it in a trash bag and tossed it in the dumpster. There's a trash pick-up tomorrow, and it'll be gone.

I kept the keyboard and mouse. I'll probably try to sell those on eBay. I pulled out the gig of memory. I'll see if I can get a few bucks out of those cards, too.

I'm kind of sad to see it go. I like the looks of the classic iMac. It's what a "computer of the future" should look like. But the PowerBook takes up far less space, has more memory, is faster, has wireless internet, and actually has a bigger, easier-to-see screen than the iMac. But you guys know all that stuff.

I'd forgotten how heavy that thing was.

I'm trying to rid my life of boat anchors like that. Things that weigh me down. I'm drowning in clutter.

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