davidd (davidd) wrote,

Technical Question

A distressing message just appeared on my computer screen: YOUR STARTUP DISK IS NEARLY FULL.

Ye Gads! This computer has a 100 GB drive. 111, in fact. How did I fill up a hundred gigabytes?!

More to the point: how to I clean up this thing? At the moment I have only 400 mb of space remaining. I've never had to do anything like this before! What can I delete, how do I find and get rid of useless or superfluous stuff I don't need, and what would be my best option for saving stuff I might want to save?

I've never even done a back-up disc before.

I would imagine iPhoto and iTunes files take up a lot of space. I'm sure superfluous little programs I never use or don't even know I have are also space-hogging culprits. However, I'm concerned about accidentally erasing files necessary for applications to run.

Any tips on how I might best proceed? The computer is a 17-inch PowerPC Mac Powerbook, 111 GB drive, 2 gig internal.


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