davidd (davidd) wrote,

Interesting steampunk article from a few months back. Since the movement has now been noticed by the mainstream media, does that render it no longer cool?

Be sure to check out the image gallery. Images #1 and #4, the computer work stations, are particularly impressive.

Would that I were so clever.

On a related note: I discovered, just moments ago, a fact which leaves me aghast, agog, and embarrassed! Circa 1971, author Michael Moorcock wrote a proto-steampunk novel entitled Warlord of the Air, which centers, to a great extent, around zeppelins! I SHALL HAVE TO RETITLE MY (as yet unfinished, or for that matter, unstarted) NOVEL! At least my premise is different, so that will require little revision. Still... yikes! Derivative, that's me!
Tags: steampunk

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