davidd (davidd) wrote,

Amazon-dot-com Blog?

Travel writer Peter Moore has an Amazon.com blog. What do you have to do the get an Amazon.com blog? Become a semi-famous, or at least published, author, I suppose. I should add that to my 43things.com list: have an Amazon.com blog.

Anyway, recently Pete said this:
But whereas Bill [Bryson] and Paul [Theroux] can flash their platinum Amexes, I have to be a bit more careful with my pennies. But to be honest I've found that's the best way to meet the locals.

This comment, in addition to Niña's high recommendation, places Moore among my all-time favorite travel writers, even though I've yet to read any of his books. Okay, it helped, too, that he wrote a self-deprecating bio in which he describes having his first manuscript rejected by "every publisher on the planet."

The guy is inspiring.

So is Niña.

I hope to have my own "travel blog" up and running by the New Year.

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