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During the day at work I have all kinds of "brilliant" ideas for things to write about. After nine or ten hours on the job, and assorted time for, like, supper and changing clothes and real life stuff, I'm so tired and burned out in the evening that I don't have the energy or enthusiasm to actually write anything.

Instead, all I do is whine about being tired. Which is, in itself, rather annoying and unattractive, isn't it?

So perhaps the first step in not being so burned out is to stop dwelling on being burned out.

Okay, that sounds good.

BTW: I'm using "Phoenix" to post this entry, rather than going direct thru LiveJournal. I'm curious to see how this works. As I look at this control panel, it seems there's a "work offline" option. That's an option I might profitably apply, seeing as how I tend to be rather long-winded once I get going. I'm often "bumped offline" for lack of activity while I'm "composing."

I suppose another option is to learn to be brief. Succinct. Particularly when posting to other people's sites. I've noticed that whereas I ramble at length, most people keep it short. I've also noticed that my longer posts seem to be "thread-killers." The follow-up posts kinda dry up after my couple of paragraphs. This may be self-important paranoia on my part--more probably, the follow-up posts stop because my posts show up "late," due to the time zone difference. 10pm to me is already "tomorrow" on the East Coast. By the time I pitch in my two cents, everybody else is on to other things.

(My connection was just terminated due to lack of network activity. Bummer--I actually had a pretty fast connection for this time of nite. Okay, I'll dial up again, and give Phoenix a whirl.)

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