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Bad Writing

One of the many impediments to my NaNoWriMo effort is my awareness of how badly I write. The single aspect of my bad writing that bothers me the most, I think, is my tendency to repeat words and phrases. This tendency occurs even in short LJ posts and comments I make. When I read through paragraphs I've written, even those as short as two or three sentences, I often find I've used the same words or the same phrase two, three, or even more times.

My fear of this awkward repetition is keeping me from embarking whole-heartedly on the project. This is a silly excuse, I know. One of the "inspirational" aspects of NaNo is the encouragement to write atrociously.

I wish I could embrace the "get it in the can, we'll fix it in post" attitude. But there's only so much that can be fixed in post, as I found out with my weak attempt at a long-form photo story. I prefer to get it at least close to right the first time through, which considerably slows the initial steps of the creative process.

If I'm going to complete NaNo, I have to get past this block. I have to accept that my story will read something like:
John gazed aghast upon the dire scene. Dorothy turned away in horror.

"How ghastly!" she gasped, aghast, pressing her face into the folds of John's woolen pea-jacket. He draped an arm protectively around her quaking shoulders. Her quaking quieting, she suddenly gushed, agog, "this wool! It's so soft! This isn't a Spiewak!"

"Cashmere." John gazed gently into Dorothy's upturned face. "It's a Pashmina."

"Gosh!" she giggled, gasping as she grasped the meaning in his protective grasp. Suddenly the scene seemed less dire.

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