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Er... It's Not a Sopwith Snipe; or, Das Boot Part VIII (I think)

I know, I know... At the time I completed the Pinky:st U-Boat, I said I had no intention of building a Pinky:st airplane. And honestly, I didn't. It just kind of... happened.

(When other people use that phrase, "I didn't mean to, it just kind of happened," they're usually talking about things that are far more... stimulating... than building model airplanes. Oh well, chalk up another thrilling escapade in the saga that is... My Exciting Life!)

Near Barrow, Alaska -- August 1935

Near Barrow, Alaska -- August 1935

Materials: empty Saran Wrap™ carton, miscellaneous corrugated cardboard, masking tape, hot-melt glue, spray paint (grey primer, brown, rust, black, white), two plastic wheels from a toy motorcycle (which I found broken and discarded one day while I was jogging).

Tools: scissors, Xacto knife (#11 blade), hot-melt glue gun.

Plans: what plans? No plans, no reference photos.

Time: approximately 6 hours total, excluding paint-drying time.

Notes: the finished model, while "generic" in design, somewhat resembles a Curtiss JN-4 "Jenny" biplane. I may add a few additional details to further this resemblance. The motive behind the construction was a sequence in a photo story I am planning featuring the characters in an airplane. As with the U-Boat project, the initial plan was to craft a quick mock-up designed to "represent" an airplane cockpit, suitable for close-up photography. As such projects seem to do, it expanded in scope. A benefit of creating the full model is that a difficult photo using a miniature airplane and forced perspective may no longer be necessary in the story.

I have yet to find a suitable propeller for the airplane. Cardboard propellers look too "fake," even for an obviously cardboard-box airplane. I may actually resort to purchasing a prop from a hobby shop. At the present, the photographic needs of the storyline do not require an engine or prop, so the model is satisfactorily functional within the original design parameters.

And I'm sure that's more than you really cared to know.

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