davidd (davidd) wrote,

As Long as We're Talkin' Texas....


I might even take this over the subterranean missile base. Even if it is in Texas.

Alas, other household members respond to my enthusiasm with derision and distaste. "I don't want a fixer-upper!"

For the asking price, you can afford to hire a bunch of people to do the freaking work for you! And it's on five acres!

Would I leave the beach in Hawaii to live in chigger- and tick-infested Palestine, Texas? If I could live in the Addams Family house, well, as the kids might say... "oh hell yeah!"

I'm gonna go sell some stuff on eBay.


IT IS MEANT TO BE! I finally got the glacially slow web site to load additional photos of this property. Check out this interior photo. This house has, quite literally, my name written all over it!

P.S.: no surprise, to relatives and household members the shapely girl appeared to rotate counter-clockwise.
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