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Enchanted Tiki Room of Doom

Tiki Room of DoomThe last time I updated my "Create an Enchanted Tiki Room" goal at 43Things was in March 2006 -- 19 months ago! Only today did I make a bit of progress. Well, over the last three days or so, actually.

The problem with working on The Room of Doom is that it is full of boxes of stuff. I hoard stuff. It is a bad thing. I have a compulsive need to try to make myself happy by buying stuff. The net result is the opposite: I am more depressed than ever because of the mounds and heaps of stuff... none of which ever holds its value... and the credit card debt I accrue. My attempts at recouping my expenditures by selling things on eBay have been fruitless lately.

Anyway... I bought several rolls of bamboo privacy fencing and a total of 23 8-foot bamboo poles a while back (more stuff), and this week I started covering the walls and ceilings of the room. The project necessitated moving out the stuff... or half of it, anyway... and then continually shuttling the remaining stuff from one side of the room to the other. Tedious, time-consuming, physically demanding work. But...

... it looks really cool! Or, it would if I hadn't had to move the junk back in.

I'd say I'm about 90% done with the major wall- and ceiling covering. I ran out of bamboo poles, I need about three more, so I have a two-foot section of wall to complete. Then I need to fill in a few gaps with bamboo rods or straws from the fencing. After that, I need to paint the small amount of wood trim that's still visible.

I also have a cunning plan in mind for creating a tied-together-with-rope look at all the intersections of the bamboo rods. That will be a labor-intensive process, as there are a lot of intersections. In fact, all the little "finishing details" will add up to a considerable amount of time, probably equaling or exceeding the time I've already put into the project.

At least the main walls and ceilings are covered. So "yay" for accomplishing something!

Of course, I still need to thin out my stuff.

I don't have a better photo to post because there was too much clutter in the way to get a shot indicative of how it's really supposed to look.

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