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Stop Loss / Small World... Again

I went outside this afternoon with the intention of taking a few photos. I was planning an experiment of sorts, and was going to shoot with film. For this project I wanted to have bright sunlight, to assure maximum color saturation.

Bright sunlight. How hard can that be? I mean, I live in Hawaii! And it's summer time!

The entire morning was clear and sunny; unfortunately I had other things to attend to, which I took care of while keeping a wary eye on the sky. By early afternoon the weather still looked promising -- after all, it's Hawaii in the summer time!

Before setting up my composition I checked the light. Applying the Sunny 16 rule, and compensating for for side light, the scene was looking good at f-16 and 1/200 with my ISO 400 Fujichrome film. A light meter confirmed the observation.

During the ten minutes it took me to set up my little scene, the clouds rolled in and I lost four full stops of light! And it kept getting darker! And then... it began to rain!

Needless to say, I was irked. I abandoned my original project and, setting the film camera aside, channeled my frustration into these quick digital clicks:

Pinky:st Battle Girls -- The Duel #1/2

Pinky:st Battle Girls -- Chun Li's Last Battle #5/5

(Digital photos. By this point, with an ISO-equivalent setting of 400, I was at f-5 and 1/160. The images required further exposure boosting in iPhoto, along with a bump in saturation and considerable tweaking of color balance to reduce the overall dull blue-grey tone.)

Pertinent to the subject of miniature and toy "narrative photography," Flikr.com member Tarja, from Finland, posts some of the most macabre and amusing photo-stories I've seen. I was commenting on a few of her photos recently, and asking about a particular figure in a recent photo set. She kindly responded to my query, indicating that she first encountered the figure in photos posted by Flickr member BlurryDoll. I found this coincidence amusing; BlurryDoll, under the pseudonym Blur, posts regularly in the Pinky-Street.com forums. Indeed, it was Blur's "Ever Evolving Photo Story Thread" that inspired my more elaborate Pinky:st photo-narratives, leading to the Pinky Panzer patrol and the vampire-infested Pinky:st U-Boat project. I found it interesting from a Small World perspective that I could be carrying on a conversation with someone quite literally on the other side of the world, and find that we share an appreciation of and have been inspired by the efforts of the same person, whom we encountered on completely separate forums.

Maybe I'm just easily amazed.

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