davidd (davidd) wrote,

"Brain Age" for an Aging Brain

Okay you technophiles... sell me on it!

Snazzy new Nintendo DS Lite

Reasons I'm Considering This:

  • My brain feels sluggish. This might help.

  • Gotta stay current with the kids at school!

  • pastilla seems to believe there's some validity to the "brain exercise" aspect of certain DS games. And she's pretty smart.

  • The new crimson/onyx version looks cool!
    • (So does the Coral Pink version; just imagine what that one'd be like with a Hello Kitty sticker pasted on the front -- **squee! kawaii!**)

  • Would justify purchasing Kira Kira Music Hour game with limited edition Pinky:st figure.

  • Could avoid embarrassment by honing my non-existent video gaming skills in the privacy of my own home.

  • Something to do on those long plane flights (like, once a year).

  • I can pretty much pay for it with the deposit I'm gonna get back when I cancel my smart car reservatiion.
    • (Note to self: cancel smart car reservation.)

Reasons This Is a Silly Idea:

  • I have, in general, virtually no interest in video games.
    • I'm bad at them.
    • I end up feeling frustrated and stupid whenever I try to play them.
    • They irk me.
    • Video games seem like a pointless waste of time... much like television.
    • Each game costs additional money -- twenty bucks a pop or more.

  • The screens are tiny: could I even see them?
    • (Note to self: make eye doctor appointment.)

  • Aren't there better ways to "get smarter?"
    • Read more books.

    • Learn to use the computer software I already have.
      • Flash
      • Photoshop
      • MangaStudio
      • PowerPoint
      • Wacom Tablet

    • Draw stuff.

    • Write stuff.
      • I'll have more to say about this in a separate post.

    • Take more photos
    • .
    • Actually, like, learn to do the web design stuff I keep saying I want to learn.

    • Study a foreign language.
      • German, 'cuz I had a year or two in Hi Skool so it might come back to me.
      • French, 'cuz, y'know....
      • Tagalog, 'cuz a lot of kids here speak it, as well as a number of my internet contacts.

    • Do Sudoku puzzles.
      • I hate those stupid things too...

  • I don't have time enough to do the things I want to do already.
    • Not to mention the stuff I should do, like housecleaning, yard work, washing the car, fixing the back steps, cleaning out the Room of Doom, sleeping....

  • Would I really use it? I mean, really...?

  • That money should go toward paying off a couple of lingering bills.

  • I could grow up to be a hunchback.
    • Have you seen the posture of those kids while they're playing DS?

  • Dude, you live in Hawaii! Like, you should be outside on the beach or something!
    • Four brightness-level settings: can you play the DS on the beach in the bright sun?

  • How is a DS gonna help me get to Comic-con?

  • How is a DS gonna help me get to La Tomatina?

  • How is a DS gonna help me get more money?

  • How is a DS gonna help me get fitter-not-fatter?
    • I spend too much time sitting on my butt in front of the computer already.

  • It's not "interactive" like the interweb. Well, okay, it kinda is. But how cool is it to blow other players' heads off when the screen's so tiny you can hardly see the splattering brains?
    • Does the DS even have games where you blow other players' heads off?

  • No video output jack.
    • Maybe a full-size game system would be a better investment. At least I could see the screen.
    • No DDR

  • This is just a distraction from what I really need and want to be focusing on, and I know it.

Unknowns -- Questions Remaining Unanswered after Fifteen Minutes of Google Searching:

  • Could I PictoChat with Kurii & Pastilla & Winter over the internet?
    • We're talking "technically" here, not whether they'd actually, you know, participate.

  • Can you plug regular stereo headphones into the headphone jack?

  • Can you use it kind of like an Mp3 player, like when you're jogging and stuff?

  • Would playing "Brain Age" really help me feel more mentally agile, to a greater extent than other options listed above?
    • Or would I end up hurling the d@mn thing against the wall?

It appears the list of "cons" is considerably more substantial that the list of "pros." This is generally the case whenever I sit down to make a pro-and-con list; I only do this when I'm trying to rationalize something that I have no point doing or buying or whatevering. Sometimes I use this method as a way to work through those things that I'm pretty sure are just passing fancies or momentary whims.

Just to finish this stupid idea off: to remind myself just how much I suck at video games, how much I hate video games, and how stupid video games leave me feeling, I went to this lovely SIMON emulator, where on my first try I achieved the phenomenal score of EIGHT POINTS!

I think that pretty much buries this discussion.

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