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Negadon?? NEGADON!!

dblume posts the coolest stuff! Check this out!

Of course, this reminds me of another "if only" scenario.

Back in the days when I worked the insanity-inducing night shift in a postal processing facility I was fortunate enough to be scheduled alongside a fine fellow with an unwavering fascination bordering on mania for comic books, sci-fi, and Japanese kaiju movies. We would while away our twelve-hour shifts speed-throwing mail (we were fast workers) and discussing every bizarre topic available... except for sports. This made us pariahs among the other workers, to the point where some of them went to the supervisors to complain.

One supervisor took the word of the senior employees at face value and continually called us in to the office to chastise us for too much talking and not enough working. We protested our innocence, of course, but being mere "casual" (non-career) employees, we were scum in her eyes, so it did us little good. Eventually it reached the point where a more senior supervisor crept down to "observe" us (in other words, spy) at work. Finally he called us in for a discussion. We figured we were destined for the unemployment line.

Instead, he said, "I don't understand what they're talking about. I've been watching you guys. You're always on the move, you never stop working. Yeah, you're talking, but you're working."

Being young blabbermouths feeling maligned by our co-workers, we of course began venting that we felt the complaints were because we made the "career" employees look bad because we were better workers, and because we didn't talk about football. This may not have been wise, but to his considerable credit, the supervisor agreed with us completely and sent us back to work.

Eventually both of us secured career positions as "letter carriers," the "glamor positions" of the postal service, with cushy day jobs out in the fresh air and sunshine. Those other guys are still either wasting their lives on the night shift, have been fired for alcoholism and drug abuse (it's not easy to get fired from the post office, but some of them managed it), or have died of heart attacks (not kidding). It was with some relish that we made the occasional delivery runs to the processing plant and encountered that original supervisor, still working nights, with a crumbling marriage and a staff who despised her. "I can't believe they hired you guys," is the only comment we ever received from her.

I went on to receive two "outstanding achievement awards," with certificates and cash awards, as a letter carrier.

Sorry for the digression. I obviously have lingering bitterness I need to express and release.

Anyway... occasionally, working that night shift, we spent our time "creating" our own imaginary kaiju movie scenarios. The Negadon trailer reminds me of one of those.

Note that the protagonist of this film is an old guy. Note the aged photograph of a young girl pinned to the control panel of his giant robot. Our film was designed around similar lines. We tailored it for Star Trek actor George Takei. George was to portray a survivor of the original Godzilla attack in the 1950s who saw his entire family crushed before his eyes, and who dedicated his life to creating the technology to defend the country against attacks by giant monsters. Sad, embittered, the old man would have his entire life's purpose put to the test by the reappearance of his worst nightmare.

It would have been great.

From the trailers, it would appear that Negatron features similar elements.

I gotta see this movie!

[edit: just had an email from aforementioned post office co-worker. He rates Negadon as a "bottom shelf" kaiju film, for its use of cgi in leiu of "guys in rubber suits."]

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