davidd (davidd) wrote,

Must Learn to Prioritize

The weather here is absolutely beautiful today. I mean, yeah, we are blessed with a fair number of nice days in Hawaii, but today is, well, a really nice day.

So what have I been doing on this wonderful, warm, sunny, slightly breezy day? Sitting in the house in front of the stupid computer! Here it is, my last day of summer break before heading back to work tomorrow, it's an exceptional day outside even for here, and I'm plopped on the sofa in front of the laptop, trying to get a WordPress site to work properly.

WordPress. Yeah, I know, there's nothing to it, it's easy, it's "intuitive." It's even, perhaps, "cheating" for a real web designer. While I'm sure someone with half an engram of prior knowledge could jump right in and have a fully-functional WordPress site up and running and looking good within minutes, for a total noob like me who has been putting off dealing with this stuff specifically because of the frustration I knew it would entail, it's almost an exercise in futility. It's definitely an exercise in sitting on my butt staring at the screen getting annoyed, frustrated, and depressed, while the hands on the clock spin around like the propellers on a DC-3 counting down my last precious moments of freedom.

Anyway, I took my camera outside when I walked down to get the mail so I could show you, and see for myself, what I've been missing by sitting inside all day.

Looking down the driveway from the mailbox next to the street. That's the PT Cruiser under the cover.

The banana tree. Well, it started out as one tree. Now it's a banana forest.

Banana stalk. The red thing is actually a blossom, or flower, from which the bananas emerge.

Looking along the side of the house past the crown flower bush.

Traveler's palms. The big one has been growing for about three years. The smaller one came from Home Depot three or four months ago. Eventually they should help obscure the neighbor's towering monstrosity of a house. Our house is dwarfed by those of the neighbors. And yes, the houses are much too close together.

Entering the front yard. The house is to the left, the neighbor's GIANT house is to the right. The little brick fireplace is looking rather unkempt right now.

Picnic table underneath the plumeria tree. One of these days sjonsvenson and pastilla will show up simultaneously, pastilla with her little wicker marketing basket full of goodies in hand, and create a perfect afternoon luncheon on this table.

View to the left along the beach. The coconut palms used to stand upright, but heavy surf last fall undercut the bank and undermined the roots. The unsightly ropes do nothing to help the situation. Sorry for the crummy photo, this is facing toward the west and shooting into the sun. A flash might have helped. Or I could wait 'til later and try to get a sunset picture for you!

View to the right along the beach. Easterly swells are starting to erode the summer sand. It could be another grim autumn for the palm trees.

Coconuts on the palm trees.

The ocean-side of the house. It's a tiny house -- actually, it's a duplex, and technically it's a condominium. The other half belongs to somebody else. See that sliding door? I've been sitting right inside there all day. At least I can look outside and see the ocean.

The entire length of the house. Those ratty aluminum frames on the window screens give it a real trailer-trash look. Do you think painting them might help? The yard was once essentially barren. At least the palms and bird-of-paradise plants break it up a little bit, and help disguise the slab-sided look of the center section of the house.

Dunno why I posted this. Just so I could waste another 45 minutes on the computer rather than actually, you know, go outside, I suppose.

I gotta learn to prioritize.

BTW: in all seriousness, if anyone has any suggestions for making the yard look better... other than rolling up the garden hose and moving that crummy folding chair, feel free to fire away!


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