davidd (davidd) wrote,

Dr. Who

I had my first glimpse of the "new" Dr. Who series last night. I saw the first ten minutes or so of the Shakespeare episode... and I was captivated! It's... just like the original series!

At least, the bit I saw was. Are they all like this? Is the program genuinely true to the flavor and feel of the old series? Please tell me it is!

I only saw the first segment of the program, because I absolutely cannot abide watching the Sci Fi channel. There are just too many advertising breaks, and the breaks are far too long. Plus, other household members weren't nearly as enthralled or excited as was I. It's difficult to enjoy a program when others are shuffling about, clanking things together, and sighing. Dr. Who is something you either "get," or you don't.

The first two "new" seasons are available at NetFlix. I have them queued up. These are something I might actually watch!

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