davidd (davidd) wrote,

Room of Doom

I'm looking through boxes of books. As part of documenting this process I took a photo of the ten boxes of books which I've finally accumulated all in one place. Within an hour of taking the photo, however, I uncovered about a dozen more individual books, hiding in various recesses. This is in addition to the twenty or so (approximate count) volumes I'm aware of scattered around the house.

This is just sick.

In sorting through a box, I just found myself distracted for an entire hour reading about the battleship USS Arizona. Did you know that the Warner Bros. movie Here Comes the Navy starring James Cagney was filmed on board the Arizona? It's also noted as being one of the first in the genre of military "buddy pictures." Yet, Here Comes the Navy has never been released on either VHS or DVD. Which is probably just as well, for if it were available I would probably own it, still in the original shrink-wrap, never watched.

I will have more to say on "not yet released" media when I rant later about my pile of long-unplayed LP record albums. ("Long unplayed LPs... that's a joke, but you're probably all too young to get it... or maybe it's just not very funny.)

Back to work then.

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