davidd (davidd) wrote,

The Cat Came Back

I was in Alaska, but I didn't encounter molecularman49, who was there, somewhere, concurrently. I missed intersecting the mccloudtour's Alaska appearances by about a week.

The cruise ship stopped briefly in Victoria, BC, where I missed seeing either pastilla (or kuriimupan) or victriviaqueen.

In an almost equally brief breeze through Seattle, I somehow failed to connect with narilka or zannah.

Thus, in the past week, I came this close in physical proximity to approximately... most... of my LJ contacts, yet managed to meet none of them. Hmmm... are there subtle shades of meaning here I may be missing?

Anyway, I've read through a nearly two week backlog at LJ. Most of you have been prolific in my absence! Good job! I still need to catch up at Flickr and AFW. Then maybe I'll write something here. I have compiled a lengthy list of vocabulary words from Kavalier & Clay that I'm sure you're all anxious to see.
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