davidd (davidd) wrote,

Telling It Like It Is

"I really hate when people talk to you about changes at work and make it sound like they are doing this awesome thing for you and you find out its all crap and really they are dicking you around," says endorwitch, and this is precisely, precisely, what is happening right now.

This has nothing to do with my school wanting to retain my services; rather, from my conversations with three different sources, including the district personnel officer and my principal, and trying to interpret the kind of crap (I should prob'ly hit thesaurus.com to find a more intellectual-sounding word than "crap," huh?) Endorwitch describes above, I believe the situation is this: due to district regulations, they have to keep me. I haven't screwed up badly enough for them to fire me, and apparently there are some people on staff with less seniority that they want to keep, and they have to "cut from the bottom." Because I'm not yet a "tenured" employee, I am not eligible to apply for vacancies outside my current location.

It kinda sucks (yeah, I know, time for thesaurus.com again) feeling like I'm being kept because they have to, when there's another place that I'd prefer to be and which, from what I learned, was actually trying to "fast-track" me into the position!

Policy, politics, petty professional jealousy, and a measure of flat-out backstabbing: as sjon suggests, I'd better learn to enjoy the game.

By the way, even after talking with the personnel officer for the district, I do not think she is correct about this. My status, according to all written documentation that I have received, is not "probationary"; it is "limited term, temporary appointment, licensed." The personnel officer tells me that because I'm licensed, I am automatically "probationary" and am guaranteed placement for the coming school year. In the end it's all gonna come back to what's in writing. What's in writing says I'm unemployed as of July 24.

As for what my principal tells me... well, even a planarian worm can learn if the stimulus is blatant enough. I've learned how much credence to allow what I hear from this principal.

Yup. Come the end of July, I'm looking at the bread line.

Oh well. I like bread.

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