davidd (davidd) wrote,

Don't Drop the Ball

You know how in baseball sometimes, when two fielders both run toward a fly ball shouting "I've got it, I've got it," the ball ends up on the ground?

APPARENTLY I'M THE BALL!!! Just like in baseball, I suspect I'm gonna end up as a "dead ball," too.

This morning the principal at my current school took me aside briefly and said... which came completely out of the blue... that she had a position for me for next year. She rattled off a bunch of vague generalities -- "on paper" it would be a regular ed position, but actually it would entail (insert evasive stuff about special ed, filling in, substituting, and -- no, I am not making this up -- a circuitous tangent involving lawyers, fertility clinics, and inhaling sulfur fumes at Volcanoes National Park. Seriously, I am not making this up!). She finished by saying, "I understand you may be looking at other positions as well, so you can consider this as a safety net of sorts if you like; I have a position open, but I will offer you a good reference if you choose to apply elsewhere."

Sounds okay, huh? In a weird sort of way.

I had an interview scheduled this afternoon. I'm glad I didn't check my email earlier, because the principal at the school to which I was applying had sent me a message CANCELING THE INTERVIEW, because the school district informed him that I was not available, that I was being retained at my current school.

THEY CAN'T DO THAT! I have a "limited term" contract. When I started in December, the principal at my current location TOLD ME SPECIFICALLY, "you will have no problem finding a position next school year, I will provide you a reference." She also specifically told me that there were "no guarantees" of a position for the following school year, and that the contract was definitely "limited term."

Now, she's telling the district that I'm being retained. However, SHE HADN'T TOLD ME! Nor have I "signed on the dotted line," or even been offered a "dotted line" on which to sign.

I really think she's just messing with me. I actually think she's irked. One of my fellow UOP graduates turned down a position at our school to take a position at the school to which I'm applying. It is in part on that person's recommendation that the other school is now considering me. I don't think my principal likes losing people to a "rival school."

Anyway, I went up to the interview this afternoon. The principal there was surprised to see me, and had another meeting scheduled so couldn't talk for long. He said the district told him I was not available, so he wasn't pursuing it any further.

I told him that my contract was non-probationary, limited term, and expires in July. He paused, and asked me, if I had a choice, which position would I take. I rattled off some stats and info about his school, emphasizing a few reasons I was eager to proceed with this interview.

He paused, then said he would talk with the district again and let me know tomorrow afternoon if we could proceed.

NOW WHAT DO I DO? Should I go to my current principal and tell her I would prefer to take the other position? (Like that's not already obvious!) Then again, the other position is not yet a "done deal." I only talked to the principal there for a few minutes. I'll end up being losing out on that position somehow, and I'll have created ill will with my current administrator (despite her assurance that a position would be available as a "safety net." Yeah, I could give you some kind of list of things I've been "assured" were true at that place, only to have them change without warning).

I have a screaming headache right now. I left a message for the district personnel administrator -- she was "in a meeting" of course. That's about the only "pro-active" step I can think to take at the moment.

I mean, what the heck? For the last several months I haven't been sure if I'd be around the coming week -- now she claims she wants me back? But I don't hear anything about it until I'm actively applying for other positions?

If this all sounds confusing... it is.

Apparently my former classmate at the school up the hill already heard from yet a third principal that "David is going to be working with you again! That's wonderful!" How is it that the guy doing the applying and interviewing and, you know, actually working at a place is the last one to learn any of this stuff? As it turns out, even some of the Educational Assistants at my current school were told... before I was told myself that there was a position available... to "try to convince him to stay."

Did I mention: headache?

Several of the EAs and PTTs (Part Time Teachers) seem to genuinely want me to stay... yet they all -- all -- said, "we'll understand if you don't."

"I got it!"
"I got it!"
"You take it!"
"No, you take it!"



I have 30 resumes and cover letters sitting here ready to send out. If I haven't signed something by tomorrow afternoon they're going in the mailbox.

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