davidd (davidd) wrote,

Just Say "Eh, Whatevahs" To Drugs

I overheard some of the staff talking amongst themselves about "the incident" yesterday, in which four 6th-grade students were caught with marijuana on the elementary school campus. Silly me, I asked what was going to happen to them.

"A reflection," I was told.

"A... reflection? You mean, they brought marijuana to a grade school, and all they have to do is write a reflection?"

"Well, they had the marijuana, they didn't actually bring it to school."

At this point I allowed my anmoyance to overcome my better judgement, which was telling me to shut the hell up, and I asked, "so who brought it, then? A teacher?"

"No, no... it was another student."

This next part is what really got me.

"Besides, it was only leaves. It's not like it was buds."

I'd be interested in hearing from my LJ contacts who have children in school... or my LJ contacts who are students: AM I JUST BEING TOO UPTIGHT ABOUT THIS STUFF, OR WHAT?

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