davidd (davidd) wrote,

In Which We Undertake the Travails of Yet Another Work of Fiction

Page 29

cincture -- why couldn't he just say belt?

crozier -- the staff carried by a bishop or archbishop. Okay, that word is interesting, and worth learning.

There are a lot of French words and phrases too, since the opening chapters are set in Paris. Why are French words always typeset in italics? I mean, it would makes sense to put Italian words in italics, I suppose, but books, magazines, and newspapers often seem to print French words in italics. Like making the words harder to see is actually going to help us pronounce them?

Generally speaking, why do popular novels have so many French words and phrases in them? Does a great percentage of the book-buying public speak and read French? I suppose speaking and reading French is a sign of being intelligent, literate, sophisticated, and cultured; this would indicate, too, why my French is limited to je t'aime toujours.

Okay, I'm just saying that so the chicks in the audience will feel all tingly-like. In reality, I can count to ten, but I can't necessarily spell (English word italicized for emphasis, not a French word) the words for the numbers.

Onward to page 30!

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