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What Do I Know, I'm Just a Loon

My grandfather on my father's side had a sister, "Aunt Enie," who was mildly retarded and a little bit crazy. Of course when I was a little kid I didn't know this about her. I didn't really notice her being that different from any of the other older relatives on my dad's side. Except that she was shorter.

Anyway, sometimes the other adults, when Aunt Enie wasn't around, would laugh about the way she would become incensed at things she saw on television, both the news and professional wrestling if I recall correctly, and shout at the TV. At the time, that seemed a bit strange to me.

Now... uh... I do it, too. Not at wrestling, though, just the news.

President Bush is rattling his sabre at Iran again, claiming that Iran is arming insurgents in Iraq.

Let me see: an entire motorcade of insurgents attacked a headquarters building two weeks ago, were waved through checkpoints on their way in, somehow failed to draw the attention of Iraqi security or police forces while throwing grenades through the windows of the HQ building, killed an American officer on site, abducted four more additional American troops, blew up several military vehicles parked in the compound, and drove out with their captives and had time to abandon their vehicles, ditch their weapons, execute their prisoners, and escape.

Oh, and: they were driving American SUVs, wearing new American uniforms, and carrying American weapons.

Iran, huh? Yeah, right.

In other news: Japan's Prime Minister "Abe's constitutional revision idea is focused mainly on eliminating a clause in the document -- written by U.S. Occupation authorities just after Japan's 1945 surrender -- that strictly limits the military to a defensive role and bans the use of force as a means of settling international disputes.

Abe said his aim is to free the military to assume a stronger position within the U.S.-Japan security alliance, and to become more of a player in global peacekeeping operations."

If he's thinking of getting involved in the China/Taiwan issue, they may as well start building the new Hiroshima memorial right now.

Meanwhile, in the Democrat-controlled Senate, the minimum wage increase is held up "in committee." They'll blithely approve hundreds of billions of dollars for "the war," but raising the minimum wage by a couple of bucks might "hurt the economy."

I didn't vote for 'em. If you did, I'm sure you have no trouble rationalizing it.

Of course, the senators are too busy with very important issues to waste time with poor people. They have to campaign for a presidential election that's only two years away. I saw a television report that marvelled at Hillary Clinton's landslide victory in her senate race despite focusing more on internet campaigning than on traditional media. How did she do it? Well... she seems to get more media coverage already than all the other presidential contenders and maybe-contenders combined... except for maybe Obama... without paying for it. Every single political story on TV or in the newspapers mentions Hillary's response to whatever the issue happens to be. She doesn't need to campaign. The media has already annointed her as the front-runner.

Now she's out there, by the way, with all this "if we knew then what we knew now, we'd never have granted the President the powers we did." Guess what, babe? You could revoke 'em if you wanted to. It's not a "declared war." Tell him he's gotta stop. That's it. End of story.

You could take away the money while you're at it.

"We can't send troops into battle and not give them bullets," I heard a representative on TV say a few weeks ago. Forget the bullets. Get 'em on a plane and bring 'em home.

What's the deal with Obama, by the way? Isn't he a freshman senator? During the last senate election here, the big "fuss" against a wealthy opponent to the Democrat incumbent was the "years of service" required to find a place on important committees." The same committees, I presume, that won't pass a minimum wage increase. Yet Obama waltzes in and, wham-bam, he's on high-level committees, and his input and opinions are solicited by his peers and by the media on every major issue. Every campaign story mentions him, even though he has yet to officially declare candidacy. There are people running who can't buy the kind of coverage Obama and Hillary get for free.

Who's pulling this guy's strings? Who's fast-tracking Obama up the ladder? The dude's starting to scare me as much as Dick Cheney does.

Well, that's an exaggeration. Cheney is pure evil; you can see it in his gloating expression as he lords it over us, knowing there's not one damn thing we can do about it.

But Obama, he's one of 'em too.

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