davidd (davidd) wrote,

The Room of Doom

I worked at de-cluttering The Room of Doom today for about 8 hours. It's beginning to seem like a hopeless task. I moved some things into another room, there are boxes stacked temporarily in the hallway, I condensed some boxes, I filled the closet to the ceiling... and the stuff just keeps expanding to fill the empty space.

I'm not getting rid of nearly as much as I had hoped. I'm far too "clingy" when it comes to stuff. Then again, there's so much in there that I can't realistically expect to see it all disappear in a day. It's going to take time. My real objective, which I need to keep in mind to avoid becoming discouraged, is to create enough space so I can start working through what's there: sort, then donate, discard, sell, or save. It's a multi-step project with multiple decisions at every step.

It's a slow, frustrating, discouraging task. At least I'm finally making a start.

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