davidd (davidd) wrote,

Liberal Bias

As usual, once I get going on something, I just can't let it rest until I've made a complete and utter fool of myself. Thus:

It's apparently perfectly acceptable to deny the existence of a documented natural occurance in the Pat Robertson story at CNN.com if the objective is to belittle and demean a high-profile conservative Christian. Those fishermen in California whose boats and facilities were damaged don't really matter either. Everybody knows that fishermen are right-wing ultra-conservatives too, and probably too illiterate to read so they'll never know that they weren't really hit by a tsunami.

But try denying something that's near and dear to the politically correct über-leftist liberals.

Like, say, the holocaust.

Tell me again that there's no liberal (not to mention a certain religious) bias in the media.


I will grant, however, that it is a highly selective liberal bias, my highly uh, biased, I suppose, opinions about which I shall save for an upcoming Al Gore/Inconvenient Truth rant.

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