davidd (davidd) wrote,

This Irks Me!

pikachumustdie linked to this article on the CNN.com international edition website about Pat Robertson. I'm not a fan of Mr. Robertson. But I absolutely despise incompetent and deceitful journalism!

The CNN.com story, from an Associated Press source, claims that "...the U.S. was not hit with a tsunami" in 2006, as predicted by Mr. Robertson.

What, then, happened in Crescent City, California this past November? Not to mention in my own back yard! My neighbor evacuated her house when she saw the water in the bay recede.

Incompetent or intentionally deceitful writing published under the guise of "journalism" bothers me far more than does Robertson's loony ranting. If I were the editor at wherever in Pigignorantville USA this cheap-shot excuse of an Associated Press story came from, the writer would be fired on the spot for failing to check facts on the tsunami and using deceit in an attempt to discredit a public figure (who does a perfectly fine job of discrediting himself without the help of stupid incompetent hack-job pseudo-journalists). In fact, the AP editor who let this slide should be sacked or shot, as should the morons at CNN.com who are passing it along.

Incompetence? Or purposeful misinformation? Either way lends support to the "liberal bias" charges so often leveled at the major media outlets. Or maybe it's just a "stupid bias."

I just HATE crappy, inaccurate, misleading "journalism." At least, I do when it's people other than me who are doing it.

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