davidd (davidd) wrote,

NaNoWriMo & Procrastination & Yay-factor

Oh, the joys of procrastination!

A couple of weeks ago I was whining about needing to finish a paper for my night class. It was a fairly lengthy paper, due in my Thursday night class. Several of my colleagues had been laboring over theirs for the better part of a week. I began mine on Wednesday night at 8pm... closer to 8:30pm after exhausting all LJ, VOX, and Flickr options... and finished up around 12:30am -- four hours or so. I scored 90%. Not great, but at this point in my scholastic career my "like I care" quotient is kinda maxxed out. I figure 90% return on 4 hours work beats 95% or better for 4 days work.

Last week's assignment was shorter, although carrying the same point value. I really outdid myself on the put-it-off scale on this one: I hacked it together during recess and lunch at my student teaching assignment during the day before going to class in the evening. How many points could a slash-n-hack job like that be worth? 100%

Here's where the Yay!-factor comes into play: IT WAS MY LAST ASSIGNMENT IN MY MASTER'S DEGREE PROGRAM!

I have completed all of my written assignments in the program. I have completed my student teaching evaluation (altho' my last day in the classroom is November 30).

I have two class nights remaining (which are mandatory -- attendance is part of the grade). But basically, I'm done!

(Please hold your applause -- and possibly your breath -- until the smoke clears and/or the fat lady sings: lately these things have a way of going wildly awry at the very last moment).

I still have things to do: retype my résumé, complete a portfolio, write a letter of introduction to send to various schools, face interviews, and secure a position. And there is some kind of "confusion" at the personnel office regarding my application, which I believe is almost resolved. I spoke with them today, and shall again tomorrow.

But the class work part of it is done!


(And I got to celebrate by hanging out with 905 for a couple of hours! That's yay-worthy in itself!)

((Next time, you: mac & cheese at the Hard Rock Cafe!))

So what does this have to do with NaNoWriMo? Well, now that I no longer have those night class assignments hanging over my head, I'm no longer stressing over my student teaching evaluation (and the accompanying lesson plans and reports), the soul-crushing self-recrimination over the unfortunate intake interview is in the past, my last student loan disbursement showed up in time to keep the wolves from the door for a few more months, and there's a FOUR DAY WEEKEND approaching... is 12,500 words a day an unrealistic goal? That is, is it any more unrealistic than completing a Master's degree by churning out research papers the night before they're due? Research papers require, you know, research! Not to mention APA formatting and citations and references and all kinds of time-consuming technical stuff. Novel writing... that's just typing! And, it's fun!

Besides, pastilla has inspired me!

Last weekend was good, or an hour or so of it, anyway. This coming weekend should be good, too. I'm hoping to write a novel.

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