davidd (davidd) wrote,

Watch the Skies

It's not Friday, but it is the thirteenth.

The phone call from the Department of Education on Saturday regarding the interview situation was good news.

I had my final evaluation for student teaching today. I passed the student teaching element, technically, although I still have a couple of weeks in the classroom and several weeks of the seminar, with accompanying assignments, remaining. I was hoping that when I added up my total points so far I'd find myself in a "guaranteed-to-pass" situation, but that is not yet the case.

Still, things were beginning to look up. Then the car... yes, the car again... perhaps I should say, The Car... made an odd sound, and the "Check Engine" light came on. It's still running, a little rough, but....?

Apparently the planetary alignment had finally beocme favorable, but the window of opportunity was brief.


I can be so unobservant at times. Like, at most times. Or, arguably, all the time. Fortunately I am surrounded by kind-hearted souls with more acute faculties than I possess to assist me, like those who pointed out that there actually has been some activity at VOX, it just requires a log in to become manifest.

Like, duhhhh....

I'm still not really clear on how VOX actually works. Or rather, on how to use it effectively. Duhhhh.... again.

I wonder if I, like, used fewer outdated interjections like "like" and "duhhh..." and "y'know," and, y'know, "stuff," I might generate a broader base of regular readers. Oh, and, of course, I'd have to come up with something interesting to say.

Occasionally I run across very insightful, well-written weblogs with interesting topics or themes that have extremely few reader comments... indicating a very limited readership base. That must be discouraging for the writers, even those who write merely for the satisfaction of self-expression.

Hey, guess what? The maintainers of LJ storage capacity are in luck: I just got the "nine minute battery warning," so I gots to go.

But before I do: one of my Flickr contacts clued me in to this highly detailed, and somewhat amusing, tutorial on miniature figure photography.

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