davidd (davidd) wrote,

Running Day Six

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Day 6 -- 3 Miles. SuperNova Cushion shoes.

Almost didn't run today. I felt kind of tired, run-down, and lethargic. Okay, and lazy. I may be coming down with a slight cold, too. This is part of my usual pattern. I can keep something up for four or five days, then I tend to quit. But finally, around 4:30 p.m., I laced up the new shoes and hit the pavement.

So far I have not encountered the sensation of "effortlessness" that some runners talk about. I hardly feel like I'm "almost flying." Then again, maybe real-life runners don't actually experience all that either. Maybe it's just advertising hype. In my reality, each plodding step is an effort and the half-hour drags on forever.

The only slightly "fun" element is the "springiness" in the shoes. They feel kind of "bouncy." If I concentrate on that, I can block out the rest of it for short periods.

Feet, ankles, and knees are still okay. Legs ache and are stiff.

For a day when I almost didn't go, I guess I did all right: it was my first sub-30 minute time! 29:22, according to the stopwatch. But I was feelin' it. Oh yeah. Ow....

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